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Sign Bryant Park

Hello...Tix Lady before the dot com

Tix Lady: "What show would you like to see??" Ms. Customer: "I don't know the name. It has music"

Mrs. Customer: "I want a regular ticket on account of because I plan to shellack all my ticket stubs one day. Probably on my husband. He never wants to go with me!"

Another shift of outter smiles and iInner screams!!!!

‘That show was horrible!!’

Tix Lady: ‘Our phone calls are monitored & recorded!’ Mr. Customer: ‘Do you think I give a rats’ ass?’ Tix Lady: ‘I suppose not!’

Mrs. Customer: ‘You mean I got my butt outta bed to sit on the phone for 40 minutes & listen to crappy on hold music to be told you don’t have one frighin’ aisle seat?’


Mrs. Customer: "Thank you. Did you say your name was Mabel?" Tix Lady: " Yes" It's just easier.

A Tix Lady at The Palm Theatre Welcomes you

Mr. Customer: ‘How will I know it’s a real ticket? Does it say ticket or what?’

Come IN!

Mr. Customer: " You know that guy. I think he's Gay. He writes very smart words...to his songs? His name is Sandman or Soning or..." Tix Lady: " Stephen Sondheim?"


Yes and OFF Broadway

Heartbreaker. Demolished theatres which back in the day lined our New York Streets from downtown on up...

46TH STREET Theatre now Richard Rodgers Theatre NOW renovated!

"Mouth in phone"

Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne

Selwyn Theatre now American Airlines Theatre

VanDam Theatre now Soho Playhouse

Ms. Customer: "We have tix for the Drew Barrymore Thee A Ter!" Tix Lady: 'ETHEL BARRYMORE THEATRE"

Edna Thayer/ Vaudeville/ Singer and song writer. Still singing in the 1970's. Met her when she was singing in Times Sq. She was more adorable than this photo! xoxo

David Belasco Theatre bar

Follies Theatre /side view/ later became The Helen Hayes Theatre 210 W 46th / torn town to build The Marriott Hotel.

Sad...to build the Marriot! The beautiful HELEN HAYES THEATRE.

Founder of Circle in the Square Theatre on Bleecker St Jose Quintero

Imperial Theatre

Mr. Cusotmer: What will I see? The tops of their heads?" Tix Lady: "Pretty much"

Mr. Customer: "WHAT? What do you mean sold out???"


Back of New Amsterdam Theatre W 41st St

A place for disgruntled theatre goers.

Ms. Customer: "Will there be a line?"

Mark Hellinger Theatre ceiling

Inside the Mark Hellinger Theatre now a church. I hope Mr. Hellinger haunts it!!

Mr Customer: ‘ I need three seats but they don’t have to be together. I don’t care if I sit next my wife & her chatty girl friend!’

Mrs. Customer: I want the best seats!"

Mr. Customer: ‘The 12th row? That is far back! How many rows are behind me?’ Tix Lady: ‘IF there were 10 rows or 100 rows behind , you would STILL be 12 rows from the stage!!’ 🤭

Critic! When Tix Lady worked at the ballet she saw Clive Barnes sleep thru many performances. Next day his New York Times review appeared! 🤨

Ms. Customer: ‘I always save my ticket stubs! I might shellack them on something one day! Maybe on my husband since he never wants to go to shows with me!’

Ernestine every operators goddess

Mrs. Customer: "Why are some seats more expensive than others?" Tix Lady: "Depends on how far away you are." Mrs. Customer: "I'm in New Jersey"

‘Service charge?? Who is this? Crooks tickets dot com?’

Mrs. Customer: ‘WHAT? Sold out? Not one seat?? I only need ONE seat!!! Well.. thank you for NOTHING!’ 😳

Mr. Customer: ‘ Do all the seats face the stage?’ Tix Lady: ‘Most of the time!’ 😳

Ms. Customer:‘I am completely devastated & exhausted & teary over your website. What do you say?’ TixLady: ‘In your life, I hope tickets are the only thing that ever makes you ready, devastated & exhausted!’

Tix lady over hears... Grandma: : Come on we’re going to a show in the city!’ Tiny voice: ‘Wait’ Wait!! I have to wipe my heinie!’ ☺️

I hope you enjoyed the show.


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