Judy 16.08.2014 03:41

Thanks Jeanie - I always check in and always smile at the funny things
people say.

Billy Hipkins 28.06.2014 06:05

Tix Lady, yer killin' me. Write on!

bernie harrigan 04.03.2014 20:40

Thank you for all that Ms. Columbo. Very funny and sad in places.
Reminder: Jimmy Cagney, aka George M. Cohan Yankee Doodle Dandy
"Harrigan" that's me.

Carol 08.02.2014 17:38

This was definitely fun reading! THANKS so much for sharing!

Judy 25.01.2014 06:35

People say some funny things at times - reading these coments bring a smile to my face.

Muriel 02.09.2013 15:45

Mark Twain said that Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to stick to possibilities and truth doesn't. Your conversations are hilarious = MORE!

George 30.08.2013 21:00

Should be a place for these in Playbills. It'd make people smile. It made ME smile.
They're great pieces of dialogue. I'm the one with long legs.

sandra 06.03.2013 16:37

I LOVE this! Too funny!

Jackie/Jeff 18.02.2013 21:31

Love! Thanks for sharing! We fit so many of those customers. Thanks for your help and your patience. Beware of retired guys who have nothing but time!

susan 04.02.2013 10:42

This is priceless, Jeanie...seriously you need to have he right people read this. You could pubiish a book, write a column or blog, who knows, it's relatable!

Donna Elliott 28.12.2012 07:27


Jeanie your Tix Lady 31.08.2013 03:39

Did I every thank you for saying a word I love...'HILARIOUS. Made the Tix Ladys' Day.

Thanx ever so!!

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Your note of 7/3/16 still gladdens me. Pinned next to my computer. Hope you are well.

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Yep! I’m a riot!

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You brightened my day with your help on Ticketmaster and now with your blog. Two for two---thank you!!